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It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.
(Steve Jobs)

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It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.
(Steve Jobs)

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The software has undergone a revolution; hardware has not. Modern software is distributed.

Developers need multiple computers to develop distributed software. Traditional servers are too big and too expensive for distributed software.

Installing, configuring, and updating distributed software on traditional servers is hard.


Small, low-energy, inexpensive servers which are designed for distributed software and can stack easily on a desktop. Install and configure distributed software as easily as on the cloud (or even more so). Own your own servers without building a data center. True linear scalability. Blockchain for sharing compute power peer-to-peer, both give and take, securely and effortlessly.

Hivecell is a 64-bit Quad ARM server with 6 CPU cores and 256 GPU CUDA cores, 8GB RAM, and a 1TB hard drive, all together just the size of a book (220x145x65 mm) and using only 25W. Hivecell has unique power and communication distribution that enables you to stack multiple units together without the hassle of additional ethernet and power cables.

Hivecell is not just hardware but a complete ecosystem that includes DevOps-as-a-service. With a click of a button, developers can install distributed frameworks such as Hadoop and start working in minutes, not hours or days.

Unique power distribution

Reducing the clutter of cables typical to several computers is absolutely critical to usability. Hivecell has a unique patent-pending power communication distribution. Each unit has power and ethernet connectors on the top and bottom which connect when stacked. So although each Hivecell has a power port and an ethernet port on the back, the user only needs to connect one power cable and one Ethernet cable to the bottom unit in a stack.

Easy to use software

Hivecell is a complete system, not just hardware. Our objective is to make Hivecell easier to use than cloud computing options such as Amazon Web Services.

The customer experience is as follows:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Pick how you want the Hivecells preconfigured
  3. Receive a box the next day
  4. Open the box and stack the Hivecells
  5. Connect a power cable and Ethernet cable to the bottom Hivecell
  6. Click the power button
  7. Sign in to your account at and see the status of the Hive
  8. Start using the hive and the software already installed
  9. Reconfigure the hive at any time with a click of a button at
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Linear scalability

Hivecell enables true linear scalability of computing. There are no sunk costs such as blade chassis or even routers. Users can expand their compute power by simply stacking more cells on an existing Hive.

More computing for half the price of cloud

Hivecell bends the price curve for servers. The up-front annual price for an equivalent server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is $1,082, a 43% savings over their on-demand rate of $0.215 per hour. That price does not include the additional hefty network bandwidth and storage charges. Hivecell doesn’t include any expensive surprises after purchasing.

Lower energy consumption

The cost of energy in computing is significant and often ignored. A data center will spend 30% of the hardware cost just on electricity within the first year of operation. Our initial version is 25 watts. Our target is 15 watts. At that rate, Hivecell will provide twice the processing power for a third of the energy.

Small yet powerful hardware

  • 64-bit ARMv8 processor
  • 2.4GHz
  • 6 CPU cores
  • 256 GPU CUDA cores
  • 8GB LPDDR4 128-bit
  • 1TB HDD SATA 3
  • 3x1G Ethernet
  • Wifi
  • 220x145x65 mm
  • 25W