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Senior big data consultant

A senior big data consultant has two major responsibilities: first to work directly with our customers and partners to optimize their plans and objectives for architecting, designing and deploying Apache Hadoop environments, and, secondly, to assist in building or designing reference configurations to enable our customers and influence our product.

The senior consultant will facilitate the communication flow between Ricker Lyman Robotic teams and the customer. For these strategically important roles, we are seeking outstanding talent to join our team.


  • Work directly with customer’s technical resources to devise and recommend solutions based on the understood requirements
  • Analyze complex distributed production deployments, and make recommendations to optimize performance
  • Able to document and present complex architectures for the customers technical teams
  • Work closely with Ricker Lyman Robotic teams at all levels to help ensure the success of project consulting engagements with customer
  • Help design and implement Hadoop architectures and configurations for customer
  • Drive projects with customers to successful completion
  • Write and produce technical documentation, knowledge base articles
  • Participate in the pre-and post- sales process, helping both the sales and product teams to interpret customers’ requirements
  • Keep current with the Hadoop Big Data ecosystem technologies
  • Attend speaking engagements when needed
  • Travel up to 75%


  • More than five years of Professional Services (customer facing) experience architecting large scale storage, data center and /or globally distributed solutions
  • 2+ years designing and deploying 3 tier architectures or large-scale Hadoop solutions
  • Ability to understand and translate customer requirements into technical requirements
  • Experience implementing data transformation and processing solutions using Apache PIG
  • Experience designing data queries against data in the HDFS environment using tools such as Apache Hive
  • Experience implementing MapReduce jobs
  • Experience setting up multi-node Hadoop clusters
  • Strong experience implementing software and/or solutions in the enterprise Linux or Unix environment
  • Strong understanding with various enterprise security solutions such as LDAP and/or Kerberos
  • Strong understanding of network configuration, devices, protocols, speeds and optimizations
  • Familiarity with scripting tools such as bash shell scripts, Python and/or Perl
  • Strong understanding of the Java ecosystem and enterprise offerings, including debugging and profiling tools (jconsole), logging and monitoring tools (log4j, JMX), and security offerings (Kerberos/SPNEGO).
  • Significant previous work writing to network-based APIs, preferably REST/JSON or XML/SOAP
  • Solid background in Database administration or design – Oracle RAC a plus Excellent verbal and written communications
  • Experience in architecting data center solutions – properly selecting server and storage hardware based on performance, availability and ROI requirements
  • Demonstrable experience using R and the algorithms provided by Mahout
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent

Nice, but not required experience:

  • Ability to understand big data use-cases, and recommend standard design patterns commonly used in Hadoop-based deployments.
  • Knowledge of the data management eco-system including: Concepts of data warehousing, ETL, data integration, etc.
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