'Big Enough' Data

It is not the size of the data, it is the time it takes to process. The name “big data” is actually misleading. You do not need petabytes of data to have a big data problem. A better name might be “big enough data”. Any process running more than 8 hours can be done at a fraction of the time and cost using Hadoop technology. It is all about parallel processing using open source software on commodity hardware.

Big Data Science

It is not enough to have data, you have to make it work for you. We have data scientists that can move your organization from descriptive analytics to predictive analytics. Stop reporting what happened in the past and start seeking what will happen in the future.

Streaming Big Data

The real world never shuts off, never pauses. Batch processing of data can only get your organization so far. For true strategic agility, you need the power to process data as it streams real time. We have experience and expertise in these cutting edge technologies such as Kafka Streams, Akka Streams, Gearpump, Flink and Apex.


EDI is the primary means of business-to-business communication in manufacturing, shipping, retail and healthcare. With such broad and important use, why are EDI messages not an integral part of every enterprise big data initiative? We make EDI data accessible to big data developers and data scientists. We provide data scientists the tools they need to query and analyze EDI messages in a big data platform.

Big Graphs

We think of things and relationships in multiple dimensions. We do not think of things with a known set of fixed attributes. Things are often similar but rarely identical. Our knowledge of things constantly evolves, adding new properties as they are discovered. We need an ability to work with data at the highest level as things, not tables. That is the power of graph databases. We can help your company deploy graph databases at scale to achieve new insights and new capabilities.

Internet of Things

We now have access to a ubiquitous, wireless, embedded Internet. How will your organization leverage all of its potential? Is it possible to make the tools that you use smarter? Are you now able to gather strategically critical data that was impossible before? Are there smart things that you could give your customers that would create value for your company? We have helped other organizations answer these questions. Let us explore these possibilities together.


Did you realize there is potentially a thousand node cluster sitting right inside your laptop? General-purpose computation on graphics hardware (GPGPU) is a next great breakthrough in data processing. Is your company looking at this technology yet? We can get you started on unleashing this new power.