Strategic Planning

What specific strategic advantages can be gained from big data? How does an enterprise begin to deploy and leverage the Internet of Things? What are the immediate steps and the long range goals? You are not alone in asking these questions. Our experience and expertise are at your disposal to craft the answers and unleash your unique strategic potential.


We are here to help you fit all the pieces together, from edge devices to the cloud, and all the integration infrastructure in between. There are myriad protocols, platforms and vendors from which to choose. Your choices must not only match your unique business requirements of the present but also enable your business to respond to new requirements of the future.

Custom Development

Our team has the unique combination of hands-on experience developing embedded systems and big data solutions. It takes more than boxes and arrows to deliver value to the enterprise. We are engineers. We build things that work and work well. We have the wherewithal to take an architecture and implement it in software code.

Proof of Concept

Does big data or the internet of things really live up to the hype? The proof is in the pudding. We recommend that our customers conduct a 60 day fixed cost proof of concept. Let’s pick one of your processes, one that is causing you grief or stretching your resources, and move it to Hadoop. We can demonstrate together that it can be inherently scalable, more reliable, easier to maintain and an order of magnitude faster.

Big Data Audit

The path to becoming a data driven enterprise begins with understanding what data you have and what data you could have. What data assets are already inside your firewall? What valuable data are you able to generate but not currently collecting or using to the full extent? What data is available from vendors that could greatly expand your understanding of your markets? Are there other companies that would pay for the data you already have? We can help you answer these strategic questions quickly and effectively.

Off Shore Augmentation

Scaling out a big data or internet of things project does not have to cost a fortune. We have a team of highly skilled software engineers based in Eastern Europe that can deliver world class results at a price you will appreciate. Our engineers are certified Hadoop developers. Advanced custom security options are available. Plus the team is available during regular US business hours.

Vendor Stack Selection

There is a zoo of Hadoop technologies, more arriving every month. There are several software vendors to support them. Which one is right for you? Should you be using HBase or Cassandra, Storm or Spark, Yarn or Mesos, Oozie or Azkaban? Which data visualization tool will best meet your needs? Is cloud computing a viable option? There is no need to guess or spend valuable time evaluating all these choices on your own. Let us help you make a sound, unbiased, strategic decision.