Outsourced Development

Complete agile engineering teams for creating big data and streaming data solutions.

We have worked on big data projects with companies that you would recognize. Our engineers are proficient with Hadoop as well as the latest technologies such as Spark, Storm, Kafka, Nifi, Flink, etc.

Our engineers have a 4 hour overlap with New York offices. We can arrange if necessary to have 8 hour overlap. We are full Agile shop with certified scrum masters. We use JIRA, Git, test-driven development and continuous integration with either the client’s infrastructure or one we provide.

We created a wholly owned subsidiary in Lviv, Ukraine, a city with 3 universities and a large world class talent pool of engineers. We have 250 resumes of engineers and data scientists looking for challenging work. We can hire individuals as quickly as 2 weeks and assemble a complete team in 4 to 6 weeks

Big data engineers

Software developer in Java, Scala. Builds mapreduce, Spark, Storm jobs. Experienced with Hive, HBase, Kafka. Comfortable with Linux and cloud. Fast learner in new frameworks.

Data scientists

Statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning. Runs analytical experiments in a methodical manner. Evaluates alternate models via theoretical approaches. Draws meaning and insight from raw data.

Big data devops

Linux guru. Network administrator. Versatile in Google, Amazon, Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Knows how to install, configure and troubleshoot Cloudera, Hortonworks, Mesosphere deployments. Automates and scripts tasks with Puppet, Chef, Ansible. Proficient in network security, encryption, key management, Kerberos.

Business analysts

Translates business expectations into stories and acceptance criteria that engineers can work on. Dives deep into the customer’s processes. Constantly asks why. Communicates comfortably in business and technology.

Scrum master

Veteran of successful agile project management. Focused on building and maintaining successful software delivery process that is focused on quickly delivering results to the customer.