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Outsource management for all your third party big data feeds

Ricker Lyman Robotics provides complete management of all your third party big data feeds. We move the data from the vendors sites into your big data platform. We continuously monitor the data flows to assure successful, timely delivery. We even statistically analyze the data to look for anomalies and proactively notify you and vendor when we see something wrong. That way, your data scientists and data engineers can focus on what’s important: driving unique business insights.


In a production big data environment, you rely on continuous reliable flow of third party data sets. You need confidence that the signals your models produce are real and not the result of an error in the data source. Building, monitoring and maintaining production data flows can be a serious drain on your in-house experts, distracting them from what they do best.


Ricker Lyman Robotic can build, manage and monitor of all your third party big data feeds for you. Our data engineers have the experience to create the ingest processes, both batch and stream. Our DevOps team will monitor all feeds for consistency and timeliness, proactively notifying you and your third party supplier when things look amiss. Our data scientists can set up checks on your incoming data that will automatically alert when data looks corrupted or missing subsets.

How to get started

Let us handle the grunt work for you of building, managing and monitoring your third party data feeds. Free your engineers and data scientists from plumbing work and get them focused on solving your particular business challenges. And get better peace of mind in the process.

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