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Linear scalability

Infrastructure is rarely linearly scalable. To be truly linear, there should be means to increase the capacity of the infrastructure in a straight line. There always seems to be a sunk cost, that is, there always seems to be a step function in the graph. Take blade servers as an example. In concept, blade servers […]

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Big barrier to learning big data technology

There is a big barrier to learning big data technology such as Hadoop. With most new technology, a developer just downloads the software to his laptop and starts hacking. You can’t do that with Hadoop. It requires a minimum of four servers to work properly. Most developers do not have four servers lying around that […]

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Software has changed, hardware has not

Computer hardware has undergone several evolutions. It began with the room size monsters such as ENIAC. Mainframes have been with us since the 1950s. Minicomputers arrived in the mid-1960s. Microcomputers came in the late 1970s and expanded greatly in the 1980s. Blade servers arrived in 2001. As the hardware changed, the approach to programming changed […]

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