Big Data Spring Training

Big data set vendors get their customers up and running faster, ready for the big leagues

Ricker Lyman Robotic provides professional services specifically tailored for big data vendors to get their customers drawing insight and value from the data as quickly as possible. We provide on shore and off shore data scientists and data engineers that are trained and experienced with the data sets.


You cannot just hand a customer a big data set and expect immediate results. Every big data set has its own unique nuances. There is a lineage and implicit industry assumptions that may be obvious to those familiar with the data set, but completely unfamiliar and potentially pitfall to customers that are new to the data.


Ricker Lyman Robotic provides the custom tailored professional services to fill this gap big data producer and big data user and in a remarkably affordable way. We have a team of world class data scientists and big data engineers in Lviv, Ukraine, as well as on shore senior managers. Our team . We provide fixed price Proof of Value projects for your customers, getting them up to speed quickly on understanding and using the data. Your customers start drawing value from the data as soon as possible.

How to get started

Let Ricker Lyman Robotic make it easy for your team and your customers to gain success. We will work with your team to build a custom tailor services package to get your customers up and running quickly at a remarkable price. Not only will we help the customer understand the nuances of the data but also help them set up the automated ingest and preprocessing. RLR can even provide data flow monitoring for customers, proactively notifying them and resolving issues if data delays or anomalies occur. Your customers can focus on gaining insight and you can focus on your primary mission.

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